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Future Battles
Previous Battles
Rules: Ancient Battles for land battles and Pirates for sea battles.

Scale: 25mm figures, 1 to 10 approximately.

Situation: The Romans left this land generations ago. Since then, the surviving Roman citizens and natives have shared the territory with invaders and foreign settlers. Various ethnic groups that have kept to themselves now populate the area. Occasionally traders or raiders in a galley or Viking ship visit a coastal settlement. The farmland has provided enough for the local population. But now the population has grown enough to need more resources and military pressure from neighbors and raiders has caused the younger warlords to seek additional territory, resources and men.

Each player came into power by winning a power struggle or through inheritance. You receive a map of the surrounding territory known to you (but not the entire campaign area) and any rumors and facts known about the land beyond the map. (Imagine the British Isles dropped into the Aegean Sea). A player or NPC may border you. Your territory will have at least one fortified town or village. The territory can support a certain population and standing army. It will also provide Replenishment Points (RPs). (Yes, there will be some bookkeeping).

You will draw your nationality by lot or use your 25mm figures. The starting forces will be less than 1,000 points, so you'll have time to grow your figure collection. You need to give me a list of your collection because reinforcements may come as units rather than RPs.

You may use my Vikings, European (Crusaders), Saxon, Arab, Saracen, Romans, Cataphract and Byzantine. Any of these plus Barbarians and Nomadic Hordes may be NPCs.

Contact me for a starting packet. If you can't play on Saturday, fear not. We can schedule games on Thursday or Friday evening or Sunday afternoon.