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Future Battles
Future Battles
Previous Battles
The mini-campaigns to determine whom the gods will favor in a Jihad from a previous battle will start in January. An update follows:

Since the battles of Ber'Hera and Na'el Oasis, all the peoples have been going through preparation and the various spring religious festivals. But now, with the coming of Spring, the serious matter of Jihad is at hand in both lands.

I will provide the commanders with a map and your forces. The map will have locations with Victory Points. Your involvement will be simple. Divide your troops into commands and send them on their assignments.  Even if you cannot play the games, your help as strategic commander will be helpful.

Here are the sides:

Jihad #1 pits the King of Damascus (Corey Paris and Ed Menefee, ally from the Army of the Crescent Moon) vs. the Emperor Lord Arkem of Neo Venice (Mike Coleman and Matt Hodgen, Viking ally). This is the bigger of the mini-campaigns.

Jihad #2 is between the Caliph of Ba’El (Jim Broshot) and the Caliph of Zamium (Corey Paris and Mike Coleman, ally from Baldavia)